Terms and Conditions

Application and Conditions of ARDA Student Membership


An account will be given at the beginning of each term upon registration and selection of classes. Fees must be paid by the due date as indicated on your term invoice (unless prior arrangements are made). Fees are payable directly via Studio Director using Credit Card or Visa Debit Card.  A $50.00 “late payment fee” will be added to your account if not paid by the due date. An Annual Membership fee of $70.00 including 10% GST per child or $130 per family (ie. 2 or more) will be added to your first account of the year. This covers: music copyright fees, public liability, professional indemnity, membership to dance organisations such as R.A.D etc.

Notice to leave 

Parents are asked if they can please advise us in writing if they are leaving.  Please provide 2 weeks notice.  

Child Supervision

It is the parents’ responsibility to collect their child immediately after their class has finished. 

Lessons Missed

Any lessons missed by pupils are not refundable (prior arrangements may be made for exceptional cases, such as serious illness). Every effort will be made to make up lessons missed due to class cancellations or the Teacher’s absence.

Parent Watching Day

In order to avoid distractions, parents are only permitted to watch their child’s first lesson on joining and then the last lesson of every term. In the case of the very young students e.g. Tiny Tots / Pre-School, if your child feels insecure, please feel free to stay with them for the first lesson to settle them in. 

Exams, Eisteddfods and Concerts 

Entrants for ballet exams and eisteddfods, will be at the sole discretion of the Teacher. Entrance fees, extra tuition and pianist fees will be charged over and above normal fees.  Our concert is held every two years and all students are able to participate. Further information regarding the concert will be available through email and on the ARDA parent portal. 

Parent Portal 

Please take time to check the ARDA parent portal, emails and Facebook regularly for new information or changes. 

Mobile Devices Policy

1.1 The Studio recognises that there are times when it is genuinely appropriate and useful for dancers to have access to a mobile phone or devices.

1.2 The Studio also recognises that increased ownership of mobile phones or mobile devices requires administration, teachers, students and parents to take steps to ensure mobile phones are being used responsibly.  This includes the appropriate usage of social media sites. It is therefore essential that students put passwords on their devices and not share these with other students.

1.3 Mobile phones and media devices are permitted at the Studio so that families can be assured of the student’s safety before and after dancing at ARDA.

1.4 While mobile phones can be bought to the Studio they are not to be used at ALL during the school day.  All phones must be surrendered to the Teacher or Administration Co-ordinator at the beginning of each day.  This includes not accessing social media sites during Distance Education. Laptops and Tablets are to be used for Educational purposes only. This will be strictly enforced by Tutor’s.

1.5 If a dancer needs to contact a parent during the day permission is needed prior to calling from a staff member or if available the ARDA Administration Co-Ordinator will contact the parent.


Annette Roselli Dance Academy is committed to creating an environment in which all dancers feel safe and secure and free from bullying or harassment.  Each student has the right to a safe environment and the responsibility to see that this occurs.

At Annette Roselli Dance Academy we are implementing a comprehensive Anti-Bullying Management Plan which includes education for students.  The Academy does not tolerate bullying in any form.  We embrace the ideals of tolerance and mutual respect.  No person has the right to harass another person and no person has to put up with being harassed or bullied.

Bullying and Harassment is behaviour that is hurtful, intrusive, offensive or frightening.  It can be prolonged and ongoing over time.  Forms of Bullying include:-

(a) Verbal: being sworn at, taunted or threatened, teasing or name calling, offensive language, picking on people because of their race, gender, physical characteristics.

(b) Physical: hit, kicked, punched, pushed, hair pulled, tripped and other unwanted action.

(c) Psychological: made to feel uncomfortable, spreading rumours, dirty looks, belongings been taken, whispering.

(d) Social: excluding others, being left out, ganging up on an individual.

(e) Sexual: touching, brushing against one in a sexual manner, inappropriate lude comments about someone’s body.

(f) Written: This includes notes, electronic social media sites (eg. Email, text messages, online intimidation, defamatory, offensive or frightening comments or threats).

All students will be responsible for respecting the rights of other dancers.  Dancers are encouraged to inform a staff member of instances of bullying behaviour and should expect assistance from them to take the appropriate steps necessary to ensure this behaviour is stopped.  If bullying behaviour does not stop the Anti- Bullying Behaviour Management Plan will be put into action.

Management Plan

1. Report bullying to a ARDA staff member.

2. The complaint is referred to the Directors of ARDA. Depending on the severity of the complaint parents will be notified.

3. The student making the report is interviewed as to the nature of the incident(s).

4. The Directors will decide the appropriate course of action to be taken and will seek Legal Advice where appropriate.

5. Written records are kept of all interviews.

6. If reported bullying/ harassment or inappropriate behaviours continue the studio can impose a range of sanctions.


1.Depending on the circumstances sanctions may include, but are not limited to the following:

(a) FIRST Incident:  A verbal or written warning to cease bullying/ harassing or inappropriate behaviour immediately.  

(b) SECOND Incident:  Suspension from all dance classes for a time to be determined by the Directors of ARDA or expulsion from the studio in consultation with the dancer(s) parents/guardian.

(c) THIRD Incident:  Immediate expulsion from the studio.  Depending on the severity of the incident the Directors may refer the matter at any stage to the Queensland Police Service and seek Legal Advice.

If at any time you have questions about your child, please do not hesitate to contact studio administration on 0400 664 661 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available by request only.


Annette Roselli Dance Academy is based at Tingalpa.

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