Frequently asked questions


How do I set up auto pay?

When you selected your child’s classes through our registration program, you would have been asked to select a payment method, credit card or at the office.  If you tick credit card, you would have been asked to insert your details.  You will also be asked if you want to make it an automatic recurring payment: tick the box for yes, or do not tick for no.


Can I come and try a class? 

All students are welcome to participate in a trial lesson before commencing the term.  We ask that you enroll online prior to attending your first class.  If you decide not to continue with the classes please contact studio administration on 0400 664 661.  No obligation to pay for the trail class if you change your mind!


How do I find out about classes?

Our timetable is available the home page of our website.  There is also a full list of class descriptions available on the website as well. 


How do I enrol?

Go to our website 

Click on the box - Book and Pay for Classes 

This will then ask you to set up an account (New To Annette Roselli Dance Academy) click Register    You will then be guided through a step-by-step process to enroll in the classes of your choice


How much are classes?

For a full list of term fees please contact Studio Administration on 0400 664 661 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


How do I know when term fees are due?

Statements are issued at the start of each term with the term fees due date. 


How do I pay for classes? 

All classes are paid through our online system called Studio Director. 

Go to our website  - 

Click on Book and Pay for Classes

When you enroll you would have set yourself up a password using your email address.  All payments for classes can be made online. 

Classes are paid by term only.

All adult classes are paid in cash to the teacher.  


How many classes per week should my child do?

There are no minimum requirements for classes with the exception of ballet classes where we require students in Pre Primary and above to do two classes per week if they wish to participate in an RAD Exam. 


Is there a uniform and how do I organise this? 

There is a uniform for all classes.  Our full uniform list is available on our website under Uniform Requirements. Retailers to visit include: Stretch Out on Bay Tce, Wynnum and Sue’s Shop in Carina.  


Can parents watch classes?

Each term we offer a parent-watching week where classes are open for parents and grandparents to view.


What about exams?

And do I have to do them?  
The Annette Roselli Dance teaches the Royal academy of Dance Syllabus for ballet and the Tapatak Oz Syllabus for Tap.  Exams are offered in both these genres.  Whilst it is encouraged for students to participate in exams it is not compulsory.  The studio also offers classes in recreational ballet for those students who do not want to participate in exam classes. 


Is there a concert?

Yes we do produce a concert every two years. 


Have we not answered your question?  

Please call Studio Administration on 0400 664 661


Annette Roselli Dance Academy is based at Tingalpa.

ARDA's studio in Tingalpa
2/27 Millennium Place, Tingalpa

Ph: 0400 664 661


Enrolment and bookings

New enrolments are always welcome. However, as popular classes fill up quickly, we encourage you to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. Class bookings and enrolments can now be made online.

Please click the button below to register, book classes and pay fees. We recommend you read our terms and conditions prior to making bookings.

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